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NWSL College Draft. Player Info Resources.

Updated: Jan 10

Gary Gibson


Soccer Over Gotham Podcast


If you think getting information on the NWSL is tough. Try finding info on women's college soccer. It is nearly impossible. However, we're here to help. Here are five resources to get caught up and figure out who your team should pick.

Resource 1:

The NWSL draft order and updated registry.

Draft order:

Registered players:

Resource 2:

Check out the incredible work Chris Henderson does in this Google sheets. Updated stats and rankings.

Resource 3:

Visit for in-depth info and see mock draft results from experts.

Resource 4: articles on top players

Players to watch for. Article from The Athletic.

Ranking the top 15 prospects. Article from ESPN.

Resource 5:

When in doubt, pick a player from the latest USWNT U-23. Most top picks made their way through the national team pipeline.

And it never hurts just drafting a player from Florida State or Stanford.

You are now well on your way to beginning a NCAA college draft expert!

New show out Thursday.

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