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Mock Draft 2 of 3. A new contender at #1?!


Gary Gibson

The second Soccer Dossier NSWL mock draft is in the books. We'll take a look at what has changed. Could there be a new number 1?!

To see the full mock draft visit

Round 1 pick 1:

For the second mock draft in a row I went with pro ready and already signed with the league top defender in Emily Madril. Gotham has two center backs over the age of 35. Nothing wrong with that except for sustainability. Gotham has to look to the future. Madril is an athlete that every team wants and gets into the attack like no other center back. I was 100 percent sure Emily was the top pick in the draft unless an under classman showed up with a ton of potential.

That may have come. Enter Michelle Cooper. Sophomore All American forward out of Duke. A very dynamic attacker who can play as a 10 or 9. She can do it all. Is deadly accurate and fits the type of forward, like Ebony Salmon that works in Amoros's system. A forward in this system has to be able to be a target in the middle as both wingers will be sending in crosses. And since the number 9 will be left on an island they must be able to take players on and also hold the ball up for trailing attackers. Cooper has the ability to do both.

What may ultimately put Michelle over the top is Gotham is very thin at forward. Currently at 4. Smith, Onumonu, and Purce are a strong trio. But Gotham only has second year player Cameron Tucker as depth at the moment. Although I expect Gotham to add an attacking piece or two by season's start. Cooper can fill in not only at forward but as an attacking midfielder as Mewis will be away for time with the National Team.

What was an easy spot to be in two weeks ago is now very hard. Gotham led the league in goals given up and scored the least amount of goals. You can't lose if the other team doesn't score and you can't win if you don't score.

Can Gotham pass on this level of attacking talent? Let me know!

Fibal pick change:

The only other change in strategy came with the last pick of the draft. I chose Cecily Stoute an outside back in the previous draft. That seems out of the question with the addition of Nealy Martin. A young defender who played for Louisville. Unless a player is on the trade block it seems all full at the outside back position.

This time around I went with attacker Jadyn Edwards a CAM/FWD from New Mexico. Another dynamic attacker who loves shooting from distance and has a deadly free kick. Can create and score. Very much a high ceiling project but I like this player for the same reasons I like Michelle Cooper. Could be an absolute steal.

There is one more mock draft to go. I'll put out a poll and see what Gotham fans think on the @overgothampod on twitter page.

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