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Latest Challenge cup playoff update after win vs Courage


Gary Gibson

Producer, Audio Editor, and Host.

The end of the challenge cup is near and Gotham is in a pretty good spot to advance if they take care of business. How can they make the semi finals and take their first step in getting some hardware this season? Let's find out.

There are 3 groups. To advance you either have to win your group or be the top 2nd place team to advance.

Here is the scenario.

The Courage are top of the group at 11 points. +10 goal differential.

Gotham sits in 2nd place at 10 points.+3 goal differential.

The top 2nd place team is Racing Louisville at 12.

All group stage games are complete or are inconsequential on the next round. There is no scenario left that doesn't include a Gotham win. WIN AND IN! A Gotham win also eliminates the Courage from the semis.

Last chance to clinch Wednesday, August 9th at 7:30 pm at Red Bull Arena! LETS GO!!!!

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