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How Gotham Makes the Playoffs.

Gary Gibson


Last season I predicted that it would take 33 points to make the playoffs after calculating the average points of the 6 seed over the past couple seasons. Last season the Chicago Red Stars qualified as the 6th seed at.... 33 points! The Courage missed the playoffs at 32 points.

Where does this leave late June 2023 Gotham FC and what do they need to do to make the playoffs if indeed my 33 point calculation is proven correct again.

Gotham FC currently sits in 5th place in the NWSL standings. 5 points from first place. After 13 matches played out of 22 total regular season matches they sit on 21 points. 9 games left to play.

That means Gotham has to collect 12 points from their last 9 matches. 1.33333 points per match to qualify. In wins and losses, Gotham FC simply has to win 4 matches out of their last 9 without any draws to advance. 4-0-6 would do it. Or they could go 3 wins and 3 draws. 3-3-3. This is going to get more painful to think about as we go on. Or 2 wins and 6 draws. 2-6-1.

Gotham finishes the season with 6 home matches of the remaining 9. And 3 of their last 4 at home including the defining "Who won the off season" game against 11th place KC.

A notable game is playing Portland at home during the world cup break. Gotham is perhaps the league's deepest roster and Portland will be without a ton of firepower in Smith, Dunn. and Sinclair.

Also notable is of the remaining opponents, only 4 of them are currently below the line. Gotham does play above the line Portland and the Courage away. 7 of Gotham's remaining games are after the world cup tournament with 3 big challenge cup matches coming during tournament time.

First step in securing a playoff spot comes this weekend at home against Angel City. The return of #oncegotham Becki Tweed, Daniel Ball and Didi Haracic. The first test of this club without their national teamers.

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