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Gotham Dominates. Wins the Women's Cup!

Updated: Mar 3

Gary Gibson


Gotham FC overcame a very sloppy first 15 minutes to dominate Racing Louisville on their way to their first hardware of the 2024 season and 2nd in 3 games. 

Gotham ran out the power midfield trio that dominated the NWSL final in Martin, Ryan, and Sheehan. Newcomers to the 11 were Ella Stevens at right wing and Stengel dropping deeper into the midfield. 

The first match of the tournament Gotham looked competent but not pressed out of their shell. They didn’t quite look like the Gotham that rolled competently through the post season. But in the second game, Gotham’s loose passing and lack of cohesion finally bit them when a sloppy pass back to Miller and a poor clearance led to a Racing strike.

Gotham got a wake-up call and they answered it. What remained of the last 75 minutes of the game was a complete one way traffic for the defending champs. They controlled the tempo, where the game was played and remained on the front foot. Earning corner after corner. Chance after chance. They looked like Gotham. A tremendous sign heading into the regular season and with 7 national teamers returning from competition. 

Here are three takeaways from this performance.  


Esther has what every great striker has. An impeccable work rate, a short memory and patience. Great strikers know that if you keep doing the right thing over and over it will eventually go your way because all you need is one of those chances to come off. Esther worked hard all match to only get 2 chances. But she buried them with deadly precision. She now has 3 goals in 2 championship matches for her club. She came mid season and has only grown into her role. There is a chance that Esther may do something no one else has done to a Lynn Williams rostered club which is leading the team in scoring at the end of the season. Esther looks ready to hit double digits.

Teams will rue passing on Maycee Bell. 

Maycee has looked tremendous in these first two matches and mirrors the skill set that Maitane Lopez has. Maycee and Maitane were lockstep in their positioning. Allowing either one to march into the midfield and break lines while having cover. Comfortable getting forward and was a target on set pieces. She also flashed recovery speed, timely tackles and was winning every aerial duel.    

Gotham looks ready to compete: 

The final 75 minutes of this match should serve as a reminder to the league that Gotham is built to compete. Forget for a second, that the club is missing 7 internationals, starting keeper Abby Smith, and 4 time NWSL champion Zerboni. Nor did they use Kristen Edmonds or Sinead Farrelly for this tournament and ran a good Racing Louisville team around the pitch. Gotham is returning the triumvirate of Ryan, Sheehan, and Martin who dominated the most experienced midfield in the league in the championship game last season. There is not a hole in this roster. Every player can compete. Gotham looks like a team that can run opponents off the pitch all season. 

Looking Ahead: We are two weeks away from Gotham FC soccer at Red Bull Arena… Gotham will have their 3rd chance at hardware in 4 matches as they compete for the Challenge Cup championship against the Supporter Shield champions San Diego Wave. 

Get your tickets. It is going to be raucous. The most attended game in Gotham history was last year's visit from the Wave. The team announced they are opening up the upper bowl at RBA. Get there and be loud. 

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I've already ordered my customized Maycee Bell jersey, she is going to bring so much to this team. This squad is so deep, it's ridiculous. Bring on the challenge cup!

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