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Game preview VS current

Gary Gibson

A big game looms for Gotham. Two teams that have stolen the spotlight all off season with dueling big moves. Both teams unsatisfied with their results, for completely different reasons. Both went out and brought in a bunch of known quantity veteran players. The battle to see who won the off season starts today. One of the biggest moves was Gotham giving up a top pick in the NWSL draft to the Current for Lynn Williams. The Current were all in on Duke forward Michelle Cooper. Who, as of typing this, hasn't scored a goal. Where Lynn Williams has 4 goals in 5 matches this campaign.

Here are some quick notes:

-Gotham has never beaten the current. 2 draws and 2 losses

- Gotham could grab 1st place with an NWSL leading 4th win.

- Gotham has gone nearly 300 minutes without giving up a goal

Neither club has drawn a match this season. Therefore expect a wild one in KC tonight. Paramount Plus

Credit: Fotmob

Get caught up:

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