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Game Preview VS the Washington Spirit

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Gary Gibson

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NJ/NY Gotham FC (12th 4-0-14) returns to Twitch on Saturday against a team who have struggled to get results all season after entering the season as favorites. The Washington Spirit (10th 2-10-6). Here are some items of note for this matchup.


Both teams are struggling to score goals. Gotham is last in goals per match (0.7) and Washington is 8th (1.2). At the same time, both teams are tied at the bottom of the league for least clean sheets (3 each). The one difference is Gotham's goals have come from multiple players (Monaghan and Purce 3 each) where Washington forward Hatch has 8 goals this campaign. 4 more than fellow National teamer Rodman. The last three games have been closely contested. Both teams after struggling have shownp;[ the capability of scoring goals. Both teams are certainly talented enough. This matchup should be entertaining even if it is low scoring.

What is Hue playing at?

Gotham has been ultimately unpredictable since Hue Menzies took over as interim coach. Each match coming out with different line-ups, formations and tactics. Although the results still haven't come the team has looked cohesive throughout the changes. Gotham has put CB Krieger in the defensive Midfield, Taylor Smith in outside back. Utilized a 4-2-3-1, 4-2-4, 4-4-2 and 5-3-1 formations with attacker Monaghan as an outside back. This week's presser hinted at possibly a start for rookie keeper Hensley Hancuff in the works. The only predictable things about this Gotham squad is hard work and unpredictability. The question I have for Coach Menzies is if the drastic shifts in tactics and formation are trying to figure out what's best for Gotham going forward or what is best against the opponent that game?


To add to the unpredictability of Gotham Menzies mentioned in the presser that he needs to manage minutes across the roster being there will be 3 games in 7 days. Expect players such as Taryn Torres, Jennifer Cudjoe and Jenna Bike to make their return to the starting line-up at some point over these three games. We may also see players like Livingstone and Hancuff make their debut with the first team.

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