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Worst Case World Cup Gotham FC Scenario


Gary Gibson

The world cup is coming and Gotham FC's roster is filled with talent that could be called up to their prospective national teams. Which of those players could be leaving and what could this roster look like during those summer months? Let's take a look at the worst case scenario and talk about some options they might have to fill those vacancies.

Here is a list of players and what teams they may represent come tournament time.

Lynn Williams: USA

Midge Purce: USA

Bruninha: Brazil

Kristie Mewis: USA

Ifeoma Onumonu: Nigeria

Kelly O'hara: USA

Sinead Farrelly: Ireland

First thoughts is that there goes Gotham's attack and two large pieces of the midfield in Mewis. Note: Gotham just traded Midfielder Victoria Pickett to the North Carolina Courage. A player who could have made Canada's final roster but probably a long shot. But would have made this worst case scenario list.

Who does that leave?

Forwards: Nighswonger, Guðmundsdóttir, Smith

Midfielders: Long, Kawasumi, Zerboni, Sheehan, Ryan,

Defenders: Dorsey, Krieger, Edmonds, Martin, Flores, Jean, Freeman

Keepers: Betos, Smith, Haught

First thoughts are of a thin attack and midfield. Gotham is versatile though. Martin has been used as a defensive midfielder by Gotham and as an outside back and center back by Racing Louisville. Nighswonger has played left back, left mid, centrally in the 10 and at left wing. Smith can play outside back or at forward and on either side.

What could this Gotham side look like?

Even within this set-up there are a lot of options. Here are a three of many variations.

- Nighswonger at left forward, Smith on right, Ryan in the 10 where she played in the NWSL championship game.

- Edmonds at left back, or right back with Jean or Freeman at center back.

- Smith at right back and Sheehan out right forward.

Yes, opponents will be missing players as well but this roster is a bit thin at forward and midfield. Here are three players that may be able to help as Gotham signs national team replacements.

- Madison Haley. A very talented attacker who just put up 9 goals in 14 games for Sydney FC in the Australian A-league. A Stanford standout who has all the tools to succeed at the NWSL level and physicality will not be an issue. Was drafted in 2021 by Chicago red Stars but her draft rights expire in 2022.

- Julia Grosso (not that Julia Grosso). Julia Grosso from the University of Kentucky. Julia was in Gotham camp last season as a trialist but there just wasn't any roster space. A tremendous athlete with who can play anywhere on the field from outside back, midfield, to winger. Julia also was a standout this past season in the A league. 73 percent tackles won and a 78 percent pass completion percentage. Could be a fantastic change of pace player who can fly up and down the wings.

- Iliana Hocking. Gotham just didn't have any roster space when they drafted Iliana out of Arizona and quickly let her loose. She can play and is a very technical and physical defensive mid. Long can't play every game. Iliana would be a player they could use as quality depth.

Question is, now that there is a roster spot open with the shipping of Pickett to North Carolina. Who does Gotham bring in? The trade window has closed but they may be waiting on official paperwork if they signed a player. Time will tell if the picket trade was worth it.

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Able Riot
Able Riot
Apr 29, 2023

I hope there is a good pickup from the Pickett trade. Don’t understand keeping geriatrics while releasing younger players of late.

Gary Gibson
Gary Gibson
Apr 29, 2023
Replying to

Gotham does have a decent balance of young vs veterans. But you're right. Pickett just signed a 3 year deal with the club. Odd move if they didn't have something lined up.

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