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What we learned. Week in review

The first thing we learned that Gotham under Freya Coombe Has been riding a thin line between competitive and not. Gotham as set up was competitive in every match over this past year. Over this past week through injuries and lineup shifts Gotham lost that competitiveness.

This team will be remembered for being stout defensively with every player bought in and doing everything they can to get a clean sheet. On the other end Gotham had troubles scoring. Scoring 3 goals in a game 2 times over 2 years.

Over the past month Freya made a curious switch to a back 3 from the standard 4 we've gotten used to. In all those matches Gotham looked lost and all out of sorts. The last two games of starting back 3 switching back to 4 at halftime. Gotham concluded Freya's run off games on a 3 game losing streak against the leagues top competition.

Then news broke that Angel City FC had confirmed the signing of Gotham FC head coach Freya Coombe as their first head coach. Slated to start at the end of the 2021 season. This type of arrangement happens often in European leagues. However, what made this arrangement different was that Freya would also be heading up an expansion draft that could influence the way she approached roster selection and the outcome of games at Gotham.

Questions of tampering surface but as reported former GM Alyse Lahue had given the green light for talks. How much the players knew about the arrangement is still unknown.

“After speaking w/ players & Coach Coombe, we’ve decided it’s in everyone’s best interest for Freya to leave the team after our Aug 29 match vs Orlando Pride,” Gotham's general manager, Yael Averbuch West, said in a tweet on Tuesday night."

Freya Coombe's tenure has come at an end to mixed reactions from fans and supporters. There was an noticable silence at Red Bull Arena during Freya's send off game and it felt oddly fitting for a coach who helped create an effectively defensive playing and helped lead this team from the bottom to hanging around in the top 5 teams. Looking competitive in every match, this last week not withstanding.

The team through new GM Yael Averbuch stated the team was in final stages of hiring a new head coach and assistant coach nearly a day later. Little was known and no rumors surfaced.

Then we find out former Chicago and Utah assistant coach Scott Parkinson was announced as head coach and recently retired NWSL veteran Bev Yanez will serve as assistant coach.

Due to a family issue Scott will not be in place as head coach during this Saturdays matchup. It is unknown who will be at the helm. My guess is Yanez or current assistant coach Rebecca Tweed.

Parkinson's playing style and coaching philosophy is currently unknown. But this move has been applauded by fans, coaches and players. He's known for his social consciousness and standing up for players such as Sarah Gordon when she claimed she was racially profiled by a Houston security guard.

You can listen to our full thoughts on this crazy week on our latest podcast found here

Gary Gibson

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