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What we learned vs Washington

For a team as rock steady as Gotham is there are still little things that we learn about them every game. Here's three little things I came away with from a hard fought road win.

First thing is Gotham are a bunch of road warriors. Gotham has yet to lose on the road. Road points are hard to come by but Gotham has picked them up in every away match. During the broadcast the announcer stated that they asked Freya why this was so and she said she couldn't explain it. I think I can. Red card aside teams tend to be aggressive at home with the fans at their back. Gotham thrives letting opponents attack and bending without breaking. Then carving them up through quick, fluid passes or catching teams on the break. Gotham uses the opponents momentum against them. Gotham isn't scared to be themselves. Home or away didn't change them. They've only lost one game this season and it was at home.

Second thing we learned is Delaney Sheehan can ball. Delaney has been on fire since joining Gotham reserves and she continues that momentum to the first team. First touches of the ball she drives down the pitch and plays a well placed through pass to Onumonu's back foot leading to Onumonu breaking through the line and playing a great ball to Purce to finish off the game. Right now a national team replacement player but I'm confident we'll see her with a first team contract sooner than later.

Lastly we learned that your going to have to be brave and bold to score on Gotham. Gotham gave up their first, first half goal in a spectacular individual effort by Rodman. Then Sanchez scored on a wonderfully taken free kick. Looking back at the past couple goals. The Laro goal from KC was a wonder goal. Dunn's goal was a similar outside the box wonder goal. The heart of this defense is nearly impregnable. And behind that back 6 (including long and Cudjo/Zerboni) are two world class keepers. If you are going to score against Gotham you better be ready to try high risk shots. It's the only way. Good on Washington for making the most of those chances.

Gary Gibson

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