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What we learned vs Louisville

Can't wait to breakdown this game on our next podcast due out Wednesday featuring an interview with @SeeingredNY host Mark Fishkin!

There's so much to talk about. But here are three quick takeaways.

- Gotham experiments with a 5 player backline. An odd choice for a traditionally 4 back defensively sound team that has not been leaking goals in any way. Not sure exactly why the switch or the training behind it but, Gotham suffered their second loss of the season against the courage last week. The courage play a very narrow 4-2-2-2 formation. Gotham struggled to break the pressure. Louisville isn't the Courage by any stretch but they also play a very narrow brand of soccer. It's possible Freya chose the 5 back to test it against a lower team so they can better handle the courage later on.

- Allie Long is playing the best soccer of her career and it's simply amazing! Having already completing 94 percent of her passes going in. Allie completed 59 of 60 passes in the tie against Louisville. Her spacing is perfect. Her first touch is always positive. Always into those little pockets of space to buy time. And deadly vision and accuracy.

- Onumonu is on a mission. I'm not sure if it's the prospect of Lloyd and Viens coming back but Ify has been playing like a superhero. There is no one on the field who wants it more than her. If you go watch the highlight video.

The second half of the video is Onumonu just fighting through players and creating something out of nothing. She. Will. Not. Be. Denied!

She gets stronger as the game goes on and just never quits.

That's all I got until podcast time!

Gary Gibson

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