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What we learned. Gotham vs KC

What a crazy game. Pride night. Vegan empanadas. 3 plus hour delay. Disco music. Gaëtane Thiney sighting. A game that ended on a different day then it started.

Here's what we learned.

The middle of the park belongs to Gotham. It's been at least three games since any team has had any traction against gotham's midfield. The job was tough going when it was just Cudjo and Long. Adding Zerboni into the mix makes it an insurmountable task. Opponents have no choice but to attack down the wings. When your playing teams without aerial threats like KC it makes for an easy task.

We learned that Red Bull Arena is the crown jewel of soccer fields again. I didn't measure but 3 plus hours of hard downpour and the field didn't look water logged at all. As a fan of this team and sorry for a while now seeing these players playing in stadiums like RBA is special. And well deserved.

We also learned that you can't switch off during any match. Against any opponent. Soccer is about moments. Not matches. No matter how in control of a match you are, one moment can turn a game on it's head. The best teams on the day don't always win. This feels like 2 points lost. First half Gotham was on cruise control. Second half they went on Tesla autopilot and it crashed. Granted this game was passed everyone's bedtime but you can't sleep on opponents even when you are totally in control of the match. Hopefully lesson learned.

More analysis coming in this week's Podcast.

Gary Gibson

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