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What we learned from Ol and Portland

This has been a rough week. 2 loses on the road for a team of road warriors that haven't lost this season on the road and finding out your coach is using the term "we" when taking about her next gig. Until the podcast drops which should be tonight around 10pm. Let's talk about 4 items that we can take away from these two disappointing games.

- 5 in the back doors not work for this roster. Players such as dydasco who has been player of the month multiple times in a row looked completely lost both times we played in this formation. As soon as we switched back Caprice looked like the best back in the league again. According to futmob Caprice was around a 5 or a 6 at half time and then finished around 9. It puts Allie long under to much pressure and for a player that completes 94 percent of her passes, was below 80 at halftime and finished at just 84. She was overwhelmed and was forced to play the ball backwards most of the game. Both Onumonu and Lloyd had to track back almost all the way to the backline to get touches on the ball. Gotham was more than competitive when back in the 4 and just couldn't dog themselves out of the home they dug.

- #playyourkids Freya's reliance on veterans is hindering this team. Thiney has yet to register an assist or a goal and looks slow in transition. Players like Brianna Pinto and Delaney Sheehan should be getting more minutes. Lloyd should not be starting over the hottest striker in the league. Eddy should not be starting over Dorsey. If Dorsey cannot go 90 minutes you start her and then determine how far she can go. She can at least go 45. Completely different attack with Dorsey and dydasco playing their natural positions.

- Sheridan is world class. Her ability to manipulate opponents with faints and her ability to break lines passing is second to none. That baseball field in Tacoma was a terrible surface. She made a couple saves that were so impressive given the way the ball skipped off that field. She was the reason these games were not out of hand. Gotham hung her out to dry multiple times.

- This team keeps fighting. So proud of this group. Given the circumstances and the coach not putting them in position to succeed they fought to the last minute when lesser teams would have crumbled. They almost got a point off of the best team in the league in the road when they were thoroughly out played and had dug themselves a huge hole. This makes me proud to be a fan and hopeful that a new coach can get this team back in contention. Again, proud of these players and keep fighting Gotham.

Gary Gibson


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