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What we learned from draw against Chicago

New head coach Scott Parkinson had a family emergency and wasn't in Harrison for his first game in charge. Assistant coach and friend of the podcast Becki Tweed got the nod. Gotham seemingly took a time machine to the beginning on this season where the team took a defensive first approach. Clogging the midfield and forcing Pugh and Watt to work really hard to get anything going forward. Here are three takeaways.

- Gotham needs to find a way to get Onumonu and Lloyd in the field at the same time and be productive. Onumonu for the third straight game looked lost in the field as a winger. The lowest rated player on futmob for either team. 3 games ago Ifeoma was the leagues hottest striker and in form. After those first 15 minutes on the field with Lloyd Onumonu has been really struggling to find her way. Lloyd will be away from the team over the next couple games for international games but when she returns new coach Parkinson has to be able to balance his two number 9s. Perhaps a switch to a 4-4-2 is in order.

- Gina Lewandoski is the unsung hero of this team. Gina has all season been talked with the opposing teams best attacker. In this game she had both Pugh and watt running at her all game and never broke. Rachel Hill was invisible as well. It's no surprise that when captain zerboni leaves the field the Captain's band goes to Lewandoski. This was not get best statistical game but when you are tangled with that potent Chicago attack those things happen. At the end of the day another shutout for a stout Lewandoski led defense.

- Gotham can't break down bunkering teams. Last week against Orlando and this week against Chicago when teams put 8 behind the ball Gotham can't seem to figure out how to break through. This game Gotham didn't register a shot on goal. Although getting their first shut out in 9 games is commendable this team frustratingly lacks creativity and cohesiveness in the attacking third. This team needs to find the balance of being lockdown and being aggressive.

Gary Gibson

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