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What we learned from draw in Portland.

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

Games like that aren't good for the faint of heart, friends. Gotham held on for dear life and somehow, some way came up with a 0-0 draw. Here's some things we learned.

We learned, again that Didi is either a wizard or a Jedi. We are going to talk not only at length on the podcast due out Wednesday but next week's episode will be a goal keeping episode. Talking about the performance Didi Haracic put on couldn't be contained in one episode.

Didi made multiple world class saves in this one. 3 one on one stops on break aways. She hasn't given up a goal this season. It's possible the two best keepers in the NWSL both reside here in Gotham.

Didi is up for save of the week and frankly it's not even her most impressive save. You could have just had a save of the week contest with just her saves.

We also learned that this Gotham team is all in for each other. Estelle Johnson personified this to perfection. Estelle had the highest SOFA score of the week for good reason. She made a couple goal line clearances and was always a thorn in Portland side (pun intended). Also Dorsey and lewandowski were putting their bodies on the line and doing everything they could to keep Portland off the board. Portland had 22 shots and only six of them found the target. There was always 4 bodies in the way. A masterful team defensive effort.

Lastly we learned that Gaëtane Thiney is a game changer. A short cameo but an impactful one. Her ability to find those spots in between the lines and thread passes forced Portland to back off their press. Her first chance at goal was a quick curling shot to the far post from outside the 18 that almost found it's way through. You just can tell that Gaëtane has a really high soccer IQ. If Gaëtane Thiney can find her footing she could be the missing piece that gets this offence going. It was painfully obvious that the offense was on different pages. A ton of miscommunication. This won't happen with Gaëtane pulling the strings. She knows exactly where to be. Where the right pass should go. Whether to slow or speed up the attack. There is no wasted energy with Gaëtane. She's too cerebral. I'm super excited for her to get acclimated.

That's all I got until the podcast. Due out Wednesday. Interview with Gina lewandowski. Can't wait to share it with you.

Gary Gibson

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