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What we learned against the courage

Gotham suffers their 2nd loss of the season at home against the resurgent courage. Here's some takeaways.

Injuries and absences are starting to wear on this team. The offense felt stagnant without Purce and we've now tried three players at outside back to cover for the loss of Dorsey. Players like Onumonu and Thiney are starting to rack up a ton of minutes. Wearing on them. Luckily reinforcements are coming and rookies are stepping up. We should also see the return of Paige and Freeman soon.

Pinto is ready for more minutes. Brianna has looked more and more comfortable each time she's been on the field and in the number ten spot against the courage she found great spots and played smart through balls providing a much needed spark in the attack. We might see her first start against Louisville.

Dydasco is possibly the best player in the league. Caprice has been playing a level above and has consistently been the top rated player according to futmob app. She was again this Saturday. She may be playing herself into a call up to the national team.

We'll talk all about dydasco on our next podcast and give our mid season awards. Please visit us on @overgothampod on Twitter to vote.

Gary Gibson

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