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What we learned against Houston.

Gotham continues their road fortune getting a point in one of the most unforgiving places to play in the summer heat. Gotham remains undefeated on the road. Here's what we learned from this match.

Dorsey is more important than we knew. Often the overlooked member of the leagues best backline. Dorsey's absence was felt immediately. Sabrina Flores is a fine defender. But Dorsey has slowly improved every game this season and had made the position of left back hers. Dorsey can play both sides of the ball where Flores and even Skroski are more defensive first defenders. Hopefully Dorsey gets healthy quick.

Onumono is the starter going forward. Pun intended. Ify isn't the best finisher on this team but the work rate and understanding of the system makes her the starter in my eyes. Her ability to stretch the defence and just draw attention of center backs opens up so much space for other attackers. Ify put on an absolute clinic in the sweltering heat. Not only being an absolute terror going forward and getting the goal but she also tracked back and had 3 recoveries and blocked 3 shots. This is her spot.

Lastly, Sheehan is ready for prime time. Nobody wants to see a player go down. Especially one at the level of Midge Purce. Sheehan got the call to replace the injured winger. This shows how much this staff rates her. Delaney joined Gotham reserves and came out of the gates like a house on fire. Scoring multiple goals and as coach Becki Tweed said "took her opportunity and ran with it". Delaney is a smart, hardworking player that fits what Freya wants. Sheehan rewards the teams faith by tracking back from an advanced position and makes herself an outlet for Dydasco. Delaney gathers the ball and drives right at the defence taking the center backs attention and causing them to freeze for a moment. Then plays a great pass to Onumonu's feet in stride where ify gets the late game trying goal. Delaney looks ready to compete for minutes right away. If Paige remains out and Purce is not ready to go the impressive rookie may get her first start against the courage. And deservedly so.

New podcast out Wednesday where we talk to Jersey's own Casey Murphy! Stay tuned!

To learn more about Delaney and the and ready of the Gotham reserves listen to our last podcast where we interview coach Becki Tweed.

Gary Gibson

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