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What Victoria Pickett Brings To Gotham

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

This article was written by Gary Gibson @overgothampod with the help of Adam Tierney from NWSL Field of Vision @fieldofvision on twitter.

NJ/NY Gotham FC has a deep midfield. But something is missing. What’s missing from this current Gotham FC roster it is a midfielder that can turn and drive at defenses, link with the forwards and play that final pass.

Enter Victoria Pickett. The talented midfielder from Newmarket, Ontario, Canada. Gotham FC sent 200k of allocation money and a first-round draft pick for Victoria. Victoria was drafted by KC 15th overall. Victoria plays centrally in both the 8 and the 10.

Photo Credit: NJ/NY Gotham FC

Victoria was a runner up for rookie of the year after a stellar 1st campaign. 1 goal and 1 assist, and creating 20 chances in 19 appearances. Victoria has made appearances at all levels of the Canadian Women’s National Team. Even getting called up to the 2021 She Believes Cup roster.

What Victoria brings to Gotham:

Victoria is a player that likes to turn and face down defenders. A very physical attacker likes to take players on. She is currently 2nd in the league with fouls drawn. She is great at maintaining possession and drawing fouls in dangerous areas.

Not only is she winning fouls, she is #1 in the league in "fouls leading to goals added". These are specific actions measured that lead to goals. This means that the fouls she draws brings value to the attack. This is good news for Gotham, who generally lacks sustainable pressure. This also means more set piece opportunities for Kristie Mewis to play dangerous balls to forward Onumonu to head into the net.

Pickett is also a tireless worker who is good at winning balls higher up the field. She wins balls in important areas that lead to more chances for the forwards. Currently winning 80% of her tackles and has 14 interceptions in 16 appearances.

Pickett is also a vocal leader and presence in the locker room. A well liked and respected player by teammates and fans. Here are some examples of her energy and drive, and personality.

We reached out to Danielle of the KC Blue Crew for her thoughts on Victoria as a person and player:

“Pickett is a player you build a team around. She’s hardworking and dynamic in the midfield. There is a reason she is the second most fouled player in the league – it’s the only way to stop her. She is also, just someone you want around. She’s the definition of fan favorite. Fun, wild, and just a good kind person.

Here at Soccer Over Gotham, we are very excited to root for such a young, dynamic player.

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"Goals added (g+) measures a player's total on-ball contribution in attack and defense. It does this by calculating how much each touch changes their team's chances of scoring and conceding across two possessions."

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