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What to look for VS Racing Louisville

Let's preview this home game before we get ahead of ourselves. Here's some items I'm looking for against Louisville.

#playyourkids We may see a second consecutive start for Sheehan if Purce continues to miss time. I also feel like we might see Pinto get her first start. Thiney has been logging a ton of minutes and Freya Coombe may want to rest her considering we'll have 2 games in 5 days across the country coming up.

It's Sheridan ready to go? Although just getting back from Tokyo with a gold medal. She was mainly used as a backup. She should be ready to go. If she is she should be starting.

Will we finally get Paige Monahan back? Paige has been seen in full practice. Hamstring injuries are usually 4-6 weeks. Which puts us right in time for a return to play. This offense could surely use her hustle. Especially if Purce is not there.

Both Ruby and Gary predict a bold 3-0 victory. Make it so!

Gary Gibson

Bonus to look for: the commissioner may be there!

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