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What to look for against the Red Stars. Game preview.

This is a big game for Gotham. Chicago sits 2 places above Gotham in second place. However, only 1 point separates the two. Gotham also has the advantage of playing 2 games than Chicago. What a perfect opportunity to gain ground and for Gotham to establish themselves as a top team.

Here's the things I'm looking for this game.

The return of Paige Monahan. Monahan was seen in practice and is probably close to returning to play. Handwritten injuries usually take 4-6 weeks to heal. Which puts her on schedule to return. Hamstrings are tricky though. You never know they are fully healed. Hopefully we'll see Paige in a late game cameo. We miss her tenacity in the attack.

Who scores first. Both Chicago with Watts and Pugh and Gotham with Onumonu and Purce. Which ever team scores first should have the tactical advantage to sit back and counter attack with speed. It will be very difficult to climb back in this game against either team. Especially Gotham. Gotham have given up 2 goals once this season. For good reason. This defense is suffocating. I predict who scores first wins this one.

Lastly, I predict a break out game for Midge . Midge is coming off a performance that was the least confident we've seen. You can blame it on the turf. Midge at home on Red Bull Arena grass is a different story. I'm looking for her to put on a show against Chicago. Driving at and burning by players like only she can.

My prediction is 2-1 Gotham.

Gary Gibson

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