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What to look for against Orlando

This game is a complete wildcard. This is Freya's last game as coach and she's used severally different lineups and tactics over these past games. I'm not sure what to expect here. But these 3 things are what I'm looking for.

- Freya Coombe's last game as coach. After it came out that she will be coaching Angel City after the completion of this season. Interim GM Yael Averbuch met with players and coaches and decided that it was in the best interest of the club that they part ways. Orlando at home was decided to be the last game. I'm curious how the supporters and fans react to her this game. You'll know the minute she's announced by the stadium announcer as coach.

- What formation and lineup is Freya going to use? Freya had gone with a 5 man backline against Louisville and Portland and both times it was abandoned at halftime. It would be strange for a departing coach to use a formation that has shown not to be effective with the personnel. Unless that's the formation she wants to use at her next destination and she's experimenting. Is Dorsey ready to go more than 45 minutes? I'd like to see the team return to the tried and true. Orlando is coming with many superstars who will punish you for any mistakes. It would be foolish to continue in the 3 center back with two wing back formation. I'm really hoping Brianna pinto gets her first start here in the 10. I want to see kawasumi start on the wing.

- The fight in this team. This team showed great resilience after losing Alyse Lahue and resilience against the best team in the league after digging themselves a huge 2 goal hole. They fought to the end of the Portland game in the second half. I want this team to keep fighting and show that they can be a contender despite the craziness. It's time to show this incoming coach how strong this team is.

Gary Gibson

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