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What Juan Carlos Amoros Brings to Gotham

Updated: Nov 28, 2022

Gary Gibson

NJ/NY Gotham FC have named Juan Carlos as head coach on November 1st 2022.

Amoros is a competent coach on the rise. Juan Carlos Amoros has coached in both the Spanish and English top divisions. He comes to Gotham after finishing out the 22 season as Houston Dash's head coach after his successful stint as an interim coach while James Clarkson is suspended pending the league's investigation into his behavior.

“I’m proud to have this opportunity to work with the players and staff on building Gotham FC into the club this community and our incredible fans deserve,” “The players will know they have a coaching staff who teaches and listens, and we will always work together to create an exciting brand of football for our fans. I cannot wait to get started and show our fans what Gotham FC will be, and I’m determined to lead this club to become a global destination in the football world.” - Amorós

Carlos lead the Tottenham Hotspurs from the third division into the top flight in five seasons. Winning coach of the year in 2019. He comes to Gotham highly credentialled.

- UEFA Pro License

- UEFA A and B License

- Diploma from League Managers Association (LMA) Leadership and High Performance 2021

- Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Elite Coaching Courses

“Juan Carlos is an experienced and ambitious coach who is highly respected by players for his tactical knowledge and leadership, He shares a strong belief in our vision for Gotham FC, and we are very excited to bring him to NJ/NY.” - Gotham FC General Manager Yael Averbuch West

Tactical Implications:

Amoros utilizes a 4-3-3. Gotham utilized a 4-3-3 under coach Freya. The 4-3-3 as utilized in Houston was primarily used to spread out opposing defenses. Leaving large gaps for midfield attackers to exploit. They transitioned quickly and tried to get Ebony Salmon behind the opposing defenses lines. A role that fits Ifeoma Onumonu extremely well. This also fits Pickett's game as a player who can drive into the space and create chances as defenders get pulled out of position. The more you can pull defenses apart the higher the chances you'll get shots on target. Amoros likes for players to shoot from any place they have an open shot.

An interesting role in this system is the left wing filled my Maria Sanchez in Houston. This role suits both Nahomi Kawasumi and Kristie Mewis. Having Kristie wider and higher just playing dangerous balls in could suit the dynamic left footed playmaker.

Another wrinkle in this system is Houston's pressing. Quickly trying to win the ball back higher up the field as soon as they lose it. This also suits Gotham as Parkinson had attempted to add pressing to the teams arsenal. Gotham was leading the league in possession won in the final third at early stages in 2022 season.

I have no doubt Gotham can adapt to this new style of play. There are still holes to fill on this roster and hopefully a good draft and one or two transfers will get this team back on the right track heading into 2023.

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