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Takeaways From Loss to Chicago

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Gotham FC 10th place (3-0-5) fell in Gina Lewandowski's retirement game to the 1st place Chicago Red Stars (5-4-1). Here are some quick takeaways until we give it a full breakdown on this week's podcast. Due out Thursday as always.

New players bring renewed energy.

The inclusion of replacement player Jenna Bike and Taylor Smith gave life to a team that flatlined for most of the first half. Delanie Sheehan also threw her body into the mix and created chances that raised the expected goal stats. There is something about bringing in newer players into the system. They may see something the current group does not. Taylor for example was very vocal in directing the press and trying to create chances. Bike was energetic and desperately trying to get balls into dangerous spots. This is the kind of energy you want from new players.

Scoring woes continue

Outside of opening day where Gotham FC put 3 goals on bottom of the table and train off the tracks Orlando Pride, Gotham has been anemic in the attack. Scoring 2 Goals in 7 games. Putting them at the bottom of goals per game (0.6). By the time their next game rolls around it will be 2 goals in 2 months that Gotham has scored. And a whole month since they last scored.

Coach Scott Parkinson had a chance to show that maybe, it was the three attackers away on internationals that were in their own heads and with new personnel there might be different results. He could focus on getting his tactics the way he wanted them to. This was not the case here. More the same. Gotham once again pressed for 10 minutes and then looked lifeless for the rest of the first 45. It wasn't until the second half where substitutes were injected and the players just started going for it on their own did fortunes almost change.

Midge Purce who nearly won the golden boot this season is leading the team again in goals this season with 2. Purce also leads the team in assists this season with 2. Nearing the halfway mark of the season.

Change needed

Gotham FC is currently sitting in 10th place. 2 points above last place.

9th in shots on target per match

10th in big chances created

12th in goals per match

2nd in clearances per match

7th in successful tackles per match

10th in accurate passes per match

10th in average possession

3rd in saves per match

This big market club cannot continue to play way below their level and expectations. This roster is filled with champions and veterans who know what it takes to win games. Changes have to be made and made quickly. This will be a lost season if the trajectory doesn't change.

Gary Gibson

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