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Quick Takeaways from Washington

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Gary Gibson

NJ/NY Gotham FC falls on the road to the Washington Spirit. Gotham has been close to righting the ship and a game against fellow underachievers was looking to be what the doctor ordered. But the same issues keep resurfacing. Here are 3 takeaways.

Historically unfortunate:

Gotham has now tied the 2018 Washington Spirit for the most (10) consecutive losses. -26 goal differential. 7 goals given up away from the 2016 Boston Breakers -33 total. 13 Goals for, 1 above the 12 the 2018 Washington Spirit had. Gotham has 3 games left to add some positive stats and end the season on a good vibe.

Lack of game changers:

After losing the attacking flair of Taylor Smith, and the line breaking ability of Onumonu, Gotham lost a big spark offensively. After the early second half Washington Spirit goal, Gotham needed to once again, claw their way back in. Gotham needed an energy recharge. There were energy changing subs on the bench. Jenna Bike and McCall Zerboni would have brought some fight to the end energy. Two players that always go for it. Tucker would have provided some pace and ability to get behind the high pressing Spirit back line. Smith, Monaghan and Pickett were blazing through the gaps left behind the spirits midfield. Neither Sheehan or Yokoyama add that threat. Tucker would have been a like for like swap for Monaghan. Gotham fell flat at the end.

Too predictable in buildup:

Washington had 18 interceptions on the night. Washington's press closed down the lanes and Gotham was not doing enough to change the point of attack. This allowed the Spirit a sizeable possession advantage (55%) over a team like Gotham who likes to possess. Both Onumonu and Purce has 43 touches in total. Rodman, the games most influential attacking player had 66. Gotham needs to find ways to get their forwards involved.

Gotham returns to action Wednesday Night against the 5th place Reign. 7PM at home at Red Bull Arena and on Paramount +.

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