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Need Help Expanding Coverage

Hey all,

This is a personal note from Gary, founder of Soccer Over Gotham.

I created the podcast to provide professional level content for Gotham FC and to build my producer skills. I created this website to practice my writing and also provide coverage for the team.

Being in college full time, working full time, working out, being a full time boyfriend and cat dad, volunteering for Lehigh Valley Big Brother Big Sister and producing the podcast has put my time at an absolute premium.

I just can't provide the level of written content I want for this team. So, I'm asking for help. If you or anyone you know is an aspiring journalist or content creator, reach out. I'd love to host your work. Obviously because of the commitments above, I can't pay you for it. But, if you want to reach an audience that's built in and hungry for more content, let's partner up. It's a great way to build your skills.

I have templates and envision the following weekly content on a week where the only game is Saturday:

Monday: what we learned from game (game recap)

Tuesday: player or staff highlight

Wednesday: numbers stats recap

Thursday: podcast release with accompanying post

Friday: match preview (know your opponent)

Saturday: injury report and expected lineups

Sunday: week recap and next week schedule

Or better yet, if you have your own flavor of content you want to produce, have at it. It just has to reflect our mission statement of:

"Providing consistent Gotham FC, professional quality content that amplifies the voices of the players and the overall sport. We make fandom accessible and bridge the gap between the team and fans"

The content must be interesting, educational, fun. We celebrate and don't degenerate. We also ask that you do one thing. Be consistent.

You could also represent us in the pre game and post game media sessions. We would obviously promote your work on the podcast.

As I always say, this podcast and website are built by the fans, for the fans. It's as much yours as it is mine. Let's build this thing together.

Contact us on:

Twitter @overgothampod

Instagram @soccerovergotham

Gary Gibson

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