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Meet Your Host: Ruby Pinto

Updated: Nov 21

For all inquiries:

Ruby Pinto is a former soccer player and Soccer Over Gotham's podcast host, interviewer, analyst, and social media creative.

Soccer Over Gotham is the top NWSL team-specific weekly podcast covering NJ/NY Gotham FC. The show is available on all podcasting platforms including iTunes and Spotify, YouTube, and currently boasts thousands of downloads in multiple countries around the world.

Ruby has hosted over 90 podcast episodes and interviewed some of the biggest names and athletes in soccer.

Ruby joined Soccer Over Gotham to provide professional level coverage for Gotham FC and grow women's soccer in the United States. She is invested in telling the stories of the players, the club and the league.

Ruby's expertise is connecting to the players on a personal level and helping them tell their stories. An advocate for player safety and mental health. She has an interview style that is fun and non judgmental. As a former soccer player, and member of the LGBTQ+ community she connects to the players in a personal way. She provides expert analysis, as well as insight into the team and league.

When not hosting Soccer Over Gotham, Ruby loves to try new restaurants and spend time with her wife and two dogs.

All interviews can be found here:


Ellie Jean (Gotham FC, NWSL) Solo

Paige Monaghan (Gotham FC, NWSL) Solo

Mandy Freeman (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Gina Lewandowski (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Nicole Baxter (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Brianna Pinto (North Carolina Courage, NWSL) (USWNT U-23)

Taryn Torres (Gotham FC, NWSL) (USWNT U-23)

Yazmeen Ryan (Gotham FC)

Kristen Edmonds (Gotham FC)


Stephanie Savino (Morris Elite, USL W League)

Soccer Media

Lisa Roman (Attacking Third, CBS)

Jenna Tonelli (Nets Republic/AllForXI/Equalizer)

Bri Leblanc (Purple Pulse Podcast)

Shep Messing (MSG Networks)

Noela Franco (Nets Republic)

Ruby's Guest Appearances

Bryant and Me (Spotify)

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