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Meet the Producer. Gary Gibson

Updated: Sep 8

For all Inquiries:

Gary Gibson is a communications major at SNHU and Soccer Over Gotham's podcast producer, host, editor and analyst.

Soccer Over Gotham is the top NWSL team-specific weekly podcast covering NJ/NY Gotham FC. The show is available on all podcasting platforms including iTunes and Spotify, and currently boasts thousands of downloads in multiple countries around the world.

Gary has produced over 80 podcast episodes and interviewed some of the biggest names and athletes in soccer. He curates guests, writes the podcast show notes, develops interviews, and edits every episode using the platform Audacity and Adobe Premier Pro. Gary is the lead writer for the podcast's news website

Gary started Soccer Over Gotham to provide professional level coverage for Gotham FC and grow women's soccer in the United States. He aims to amplify the voices of players, coaches, and journalists, and help be a change maker within the sport.

Gary's expertise is in crafting podcast formats that tell a story about games and events that are engaging, educational, and fun. As a former professional soccer player, he understands the sport on a expert level and can connect with soccer professionals and players in a personal way. He provides expert tactical analysis, as well as insight into the team and league.

When not studying for his degree or running Soccer Over Gotham, Gary is a vegan athlete, cat dad of four special cats, Lehigh Valley Big Brother/Big Sister program volunteer, and Bethlehem Special Olympics Coach. Gary is a human and animal rights advocate, and LGBTQIA+ ally.

All interviews can be found here:


Ellie Jean (Gotham FC, NWSL) producer

McCall Zerboni (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Paige Monaghan (Gotham FC, NWSL) producer

Mandy Freeman (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Gina Lewandowski (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Nicole Baxter (Gotham FC, NWSL)

Casey Murphy (North Carolina Courage, NWSL) (USWNT)

Brianna Pinto (North Carolina Courage, NWSL) (USWNT U-23)

Taryn Torres (Gotham FC, NWSL)

(USWNT U-23)

Noela Franco (Queensboro United, USL W)

Hensley Hancuff (Gotham FC NWSL)

Victoria Pickett (Gotham FC NWSL, CWNT)

Yazmeen Ryan (Gotham FC NWSL)

Kristen Edmonds (NWSL)

Kelly Ann Livingstone (Fortuna, Denmark)

Coaches and Management

Becki Tweed (Angel City, NWSL)

Daniel Ball (Angel City, NWSL)

Stephanie Savino (Morris Elite, USL W League)

Jennifer Tuesta (GM Paisley Athletic, USL W)

Soccer Media

Dan Lauletta (Equalizer)

Lisa Roman (Attacking Third, CBS)

Jenna Tonelli (Nets Republic/AllForXI)

Mark Fishkin (Seeing Red NY)

Luis Hernandez (Purple Pulse Podcast)

Bri Leblanc (Purple Pulse Podcast)

Courtney Stith (Diaspora United Podcast)

Andrew Carlisle (Diaspora United Podcast)

Shep Messing (MSG Networks)

Noela Franco (Nets Republic)

Renee Washington (MSG Networks)

Nina and Amanda of Angel City Chicks Podcast

Theo Lloyd Hughes (The Striker)

Gary's Guest Appearances

Red Bull New York Discussion Group

Brandon Sports Talk (YouTube)

Bryant and Me (Spotify)

Gotham UK (YouTube) https

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