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Latest Challenge Cup Scenarios and How Gotham FC Advances!

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


Gary Gibson

Producer, Audio Editor, and Host.

The end of the challenge cup is near and Gotham is in a pretty good spot to advance if they take care of business. How can they make the semi finals and take their first step in getting some hardware this season? Let's find out.

There are 3 groups. To advance you either have to win your group or be the top 2nd place team to advance. Here is where we stand.

Credit* Fotmob

Right now Gotham and Orlando are the only teams with 2 games to play. Orlando is mathematically out of the next round as they can only max out at 7. Gotham is currently in 2nd place in the group with 7 points and a +1 goal differential.

Keep your eyes on the Kansas City Current. They play top of their group Racing Louisville Sunday August 5th at 8pm.

KC is right now, the top 2nd place team with 10 points and a +7 goal differential. The only teams that can catch them at 10 points are Angel City and Gotham. Angel City has a -1 goal differential. They would need to make up 8 goal differential to advance. Not impossible. But highly improbable.

Scenario: KC wins

That puts the threshold at 12 points as they move to top of their group. Racing Louisville then drops to top 2nd place team. Gotham would have to win both games for 13 points to pass Racing and advance.


1st: OL (13 or 16 points)

2nd: Current (13 points) currently +6 goal differential over Gotham

3rd: Gotham (13 points)

4th: Racing Louisville (12 points)

Scenario KC draws:

This could force a 3 way tie at 11 points for the 2 last spots if Gotham beat the Courage and draw Orlando. If Gotham draws the Courage and beats Orlando there will be a 2 way tie at 11 points for 4th seed. Either scenario puts Gotham out of the running based on goal differential.

Seeding: if Gotham draws either match

1st: OL (13 or 16 points)

2nd: Racing (12 or15 points)

3rd: Courage (11, 12 or 14 points)

4th: Current (11 points) current goal differential leader by +6

Scenario: Kansas City loses

This puts the threshold at 10 points.

Unlikely - Gotham gets one win and makes up +6 goal differential.

Definitely - Gotham gets a win and a draw. Putting them up to 11 points and secures advancement or 2 wins at 13 points and they are in.

Seeding: If Gotham wins and draws.

1st: OL (13 or 16 points)

2nd: Racing (15 points)

3rd: Courage (12 or 14 points)

4th: Gotham (11 points)

Seeding: If Gotham wins both matches.

1st: OL (13 or 16 points) currently +6 goal differential over Gotham

2nd: Gotham (13 points)

3rd: Racing (12 points)

4th: Courage (11 points)

The teams that advance essentially have to win two games in a row and you are Challenge Cup champs!

First step in the climb is this Saturday, August 5th at 7:30 pm at Red Bull Arena! LETS GO!!!!

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