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Gotham FC Player interviews!

We set out to create a professional level podcast for Gotham FC fans. We are hoping to provide the access to the team and players you, as listeners, deserve. We are just getting started and we hope to bring you one Gotham player or staff interview per month as the season goes along.

Here are some of the amazing player interviews we have done so far. Please let us know who you would like to hear from next and what questions should we ask them.

You can listen to our pod where ever podcasts can be found. Our host is Anchor, but you can find us on Spotify, iTunes, Google Podcasts, Amazon, etc.

Nicole Baxter, Midfielder, 2022

McCall Zerboni, Midfielder and Captain, 2022

Mandy Freeman, Defender, 2022

Paige Monaghan, Forward, 2022

Becki Tweed, Assistant coach, 2021

Gina Lewandowski, Defender, 2021

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