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Gotham FC: Mid-Season Comparison (2023 vs 2024)

Gary Gibson


NJ/NY Gotham FC are rewriting the franchise record books in 2024! Off to their best start in franchise history through the halfway mark of the season, they boast an impressive record of 8 wins and 3 draws. This puts them just 2 wins shy of their best-ever win total, 10-wins achieved twice in 2017 and the inaugural season.

But the dominance doesn't stop there. With 28 points already secured, Gotham FC are a staggering 3 points away from their total points from the entire 2023 season. This red-hot form has them firmly in the playoff picture and challenging for a potential NWSL championship and shield.

Their strong defense and opportunistic offense have Gotham FC fans buzzing. Can they maintain this pace and etch their names in franchise history? Only time will tell, but one thing's for sure – this Gotham FC team is a force to be reckoned with.

Let’s take a comparative dive into where Gotham FC is, halfway through the 2024 season VS 2023. Coach Amoros’s first season at the helm. 

Gotham FC: Mid-Season Comparison (2023 vs 2024)


  • 2023: Through 14 games, Gotham FC had a record of 6 wins, 4 draws, and 4 losses.

  • 2024: Through 14 games, Gotham FC currently has a record of 8 wins, 3 draws, and 3 losses.


  • 2023: At this point, 5th place in the NWSL standings. 

  • 2024: Currently, they are in 4th place in the NWSL standings.

Stats (Averages):

  • Points per Game:

  • 2023: 1.57 points per game

  • 2024: 1.93 points per game 

  • Goals:

  • 2023: +2 goal differential, 15 goals scored

  • 2024: +5 goal differential,  16 goals scored. 

Based on record and current standings, Gotham FC is performing significantly better at the halfway point of the 2024 season compared to 2023. Not just because they sit higher in the standings. Gotham is more dynamic in the attack with Stengel and Stevens adding to the firepower of Williams and Esther. 

With the momentum of an excellent start to the first half of 2023, Gotham FC is poised for a strong second half push in 2024. Here are three reasons to be optimistic for Gotham to avoid the second half swoon of last season:

  • Depth: The NWSL season is a grind, with games across multiple tournaments. Having backups who can step in and maintain a similar level of play allows Gotham FC to keep their performance high even when core players are out. Berger is off with the German national team and in steps Cassie Miller who started this season as the starting keeper and had one of the lowest goals against in the league. Both Maitane Lopez and Sam Hiatt have proven themselves to be starters at center back while Davidson and Sonnett are away. Last season Gotham went through a summer swoon where they just weren’t scoring goals. They went out to get Katie Stengel to right the ship. Not only is Katie still here but the team has added Ella Stevens who is currently leading the team in goals. 

  • Learning Curve is over: The first half could be a learning experience. Gotham brought in a ton of players such as four national teamers in Dunn, Lavelle, Sonnet, and Davidson. After the She Believes cup a bunch of players entered the season injured. It took some time to integrate and get a consistent lineup. But Gotham seems to know who they are now regardless of the line-up. They understand the system and are executing it.  

  • Ann-Katrin Berger: Berger is a proven talent with excellent reflexes and positioning. She made several key saves during this stretch that prevented goals and helped preserve Gotham FC's 9 game unbeaten run to start her NWSL career. An experienced goalkeeper like Berger brings a sense of calm and confidence to the back line. Her leadership is vital in organizing the defense and keeping everyone focused during pressure situations. Berger's communication skills play a big role in keeping Gotham FC organized and preventing breakdowns that could lead to goals. Gotham has been a much better team building from the back with Ann and it leads to a more dynamic attack and control of the game. 

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It's been an excellent season so far. I agree that our depth has been pivotal to the team's strong performance, although we've taken some hits with the losses of Sinéad, Midge & Taylor for the season. What type of player should we add, if we make any moves this window? Maybe a speedy winger who can add a goal or two?

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There is a roster spot open.

Right wing or central midfield depth.

Defense is way too deep if Edmonds is back from injury.

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