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Gotham FC at the World Cup Group Stage 2nd Round

Updated: Aug 2, 2023


Gary Gibson


We are doing our best to cover the world cup from a Gotham FC perspective. This week we had Renee Washington on the show to give us her perspective. Renee is the voice of Gotham FC for MSG Networks. You can catch the show wherever podcasts are found. also on YouTube.

Let's get caught up on Gotham players in the first round of the tournament.


0. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nothing.

Kelley O'Hara, Kristie Mewis, and Lynn Williams got no, none, not a single minute of play in game 2. Despite the entire front line being out of breath, the midfield being out of shape for part of the match. The coach used 1, singular sub in 90 plus minutes. For the record and who ever need to hear this, a team is allotted 5 subs. Each team has a bench has 12 players. A dozen players on from which to choose from. This is the most talented roster in the history of soccer. Vlatko, said..... am I am not joking. "It would take a minute or two for the subs to get into the game flow. But Lynn was top of mind". Or something ridiculously nonsensical that if I look it up verbatim I'm going to lose my mind.

The good news is that you can get up or stay up to watch, or not watch any of your favorite players at 3am eastern as the USWNT returns to action Tuesday to close out the group stage against Portugal.


Bruninha: 0 minutes in a 2-1 loss to France. Brazil has a huge game Wednesday, August 2nd. Vs Jamaica. Jamaica has 1 point on Brazil. Meaning Brazil needs to win to advance.


Sinead Farrelly is one of the best stories at this world cup and one of the easiest players to root for. Sinead played 65 minutes in a 2-1 heartbreaking loss to Canada. 60 percent passing. 100 percent shot accuracy. 40 touches. 5 passes into the final third with 3 recoveries. Hoping with all our might for a Sinead Farrelly goal in their final match as it seems unlikely Ireland makes it out of the group. Ireland faces off next against teammate Ifeoma Onumonu and the Super Falcons of Nigeria who are leading the group of death and a draw or tie secures the knockout stage. They face off 6am eastern on Monday, July 31st.


Perhaps one of the stories of the tournament. Nigeria is perhaps through to the knockout round in the group of death with Australia, Ireland, and Canada. Nigeria 40th world rank pulled one of the major upsets of the tournament beating host Australia 2-1. Which puts either Canada 7th or Australia 10th on the chopping block. Incredible. Ifeoma has been a critical part of the teams success, playing 63 minutes, 71% passing accuracy, 15 touches, 3 recoveries,

They face Ireland 6am eastern on Monday, July 31st.

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