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Game Preview: VS Angel City

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

The NWSL season is upon us. Bring on the chaos! New coaches, new players, and an identity to identify, and more. There are a lot of interesting items to note ahead of this match. Here are a couple.

This Sunday night matchup will take place at 9pm eastern at BMO field in Los Angeles. Streaming on Paramount + and on for international audiences.

Gotham has faced off against Angel City twice and is 1-1 in their efforts. The first game away from home Gotham was under siege for 85 minutes. 21 shots in total for Angel City. 15 inside the box. Despite that onslaught Gotham threw every defender in the box and only let 6 of those shots reach the target. Gotham recorded 41 (not a typo) clearances. Despite being dominated thoroughly Onumonu, out of seemingly nothing turned and blasted a low ball past #oncegotham GK Didi Haracic.

The second matchup was at home was marred by what we deemed "the magic soccer ball theory". Where a ball that clearly crossed the line into the visitors net and was somehow called a corner. Immediately after Angel city found the back of the net and what should have been a 1 all match become 3-0 by halftime.

Familiar faces:

Angel City has a bunch of #oncegotham players and coaches. Former head coach Coombe. Assistant coach and friend of the show Becki Tweed. And Goal keeper coach Daniel ball who also was a guest on the podcast.

Unfamiliar faces:

Gotham has many new players in key positions this season with a solid off season. 2nd all time NWSL goal scorer Lynn Williams, World cup winner Kelly O'hara the highest profile acquisitions. Other notable incoming players, veteran Kristin Edmonds, keeper Abby Smith, rookie Jenna Nighswonger, and Icelandic forward Svava Rós Guðmundsdóttir. Lastly, the return of Sinead Farrelly is an incredible story.

New season, new look:

Under new coach Juan Carlos Amoros we do not know what to expect from this squad. Gotham loaded up and is 2 deep at every spot. There are multiple players that deserve to start at every spot. Amoros exclaimed there will be open competition for every spot and it "doesn't matter what name is on the back of the jersey. It matters what is on the front."

What we know:

Amoros favors a 4-3-3 formation that pins outside forwards wide and relies on the forward finding lanes in the gaps from the stretched defense. This is what we expect this team to line-up come gametime.

It's possible Jean or Bruninha start at right back and smith is out left. Long, if not ready could be replaced by Zerboni. Don't count out the returning Mandy Haught to be in goal facing her former keeper coach and competition.

New year, new captain:

Legend of the sport Ali Krieger announced that this will be her last season. The players all got together and voted her captain in her final run. This is her team now. She helped bring in players she is very familiar with and trusts in O'Hara and Edmonds. This adds to the many story lines we are following in what is shaping up to be a historic season.

Gary Gibson

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