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Game preview. Against KC. What to look for...

Gotham returns to red bull arena Friday night at 7pm to take on KC on what looks to be a rainy night in Harrison.

Here's what to look for:

It's pride night! I'm planning on getting there early and buying up all the pride t-shirts! *Insert evil laugh*. Seriously, pride nights are special and the team usually goes all out for it. What's this I hear about disco? Despite the rainy weather it should be a nice night for soccer. Keep in mind that almost all seats are covered at red bull arena. You should join us.

KC will arrive to red bull arena winless this season. Having only scored 4 goals all season. On the other side Gotham have only given up 2 goals all season. I'm looking for Gotham to continue their home dominance and get another shutout.

Look for Didi back in goal! Haracic has been incredible as a backup this season featuring once and getting a well deserved shutout. Didi featured for Gotham during the challenge cup and had a stellar cup run that came just short of bringing home the trophy. A more than capable keeper who could start for other teams in this league. Look for Didi to have another strong performance Friday.

Lastly I'm looking for Gotham to continue scoring and building of their dominant outing in the heat of Tacoma. Midge Purce is always a threat and she's playing with a boulder sized chip on her shoulder. Look for midge to press the issue and get at least one goal. Also look for Onumonu to stretch the defence and get one in the break.

I'm looking forward to Friday night. Pride night! I hope to see y'all there!


Gary Gibson

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