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Freya Coombe signs with Angel City

Freya has brought stability and a unique style of play to Sky Blue and now Gotham. A possession oriented coach who uses other teams forward momentum against them. Freya is a former player turned coach. A meteoric rise for a coach who joined Sky blue as an interim coach.

Freya is quoted as saying “The blank canvas presents such an exciting opportunity to get your stamp on the culture, on the players, and be able to really start with no excuses,” said Coombe, who will be formally introduced as the team’s first manager Monday. “It certainly presents a new, authentic, exciting opportunity to start afresh with that new culture"

This move is slated to take place post season.

Gotham is currently operating with a Interim GM Yael Averbuch as former GM Alyse Lahue was let go after a league investigation under their anti-harassment initiative. For a team that just went through a successful rebrand it still feels like the team's chaotic past hasn't been left behind.

Update: 8/24 Gotham releases a statement:

Gotham also tweeted that Freya is working with the team to ensure a smooth coaching transition.

Gotham approved the contract talks.

We'll update as more is known.

Gary Gibson

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